Operations Manager

Kristy recently moved back to Huntsville from Nashville, TN in mid 2017 after leaving for 5 years. In Nashville, she managed a range of different venues, but her bread and butter is Food & Beverage. Although she is not a Huntsville native, Huntsville is home for her due to her family settling here after her father retired from the Army. Kristy graduated from Athens State University with her Bachelors degree in Health & Wellness Management in 2010. Aside from axe throwing, her other passions are home brewing, cooking, ballroom dancing, figure skating, and traveling.


Event Coordinator

Introducing our Event Coordinator, the Axecellent Carly Seldon. Born in Connecticut and raised in Huntsville since the age of 6. She has 20 years of experience working in customer service, several years in retail and hospitality management. Most recently at Embassy Suites. She loves to travel, read and organize and enjoys helping others to see the power that they have to fulfill their own destiny. Her favorite place is the beach and her favorite axe quote is: "An axe cuts through a forest not because of its size, but its endurance."


Assistant Manager

Colin Talbot was just a good ole fashioned WW2 pilot and saver of puppies. One day on base he saw a flyer looking for volunteers to partake in an axeperiment that would lead to the betterment of all Americans. Since Colin loves America, he signed up for the trial. This trial was going to inject Colin with an axeperimental hand axe coordination increasing concoction. However, a nazi spy set off a small bomb in the lab which led to Colin being bombarded with Axe-rays while getting his injection. The result was Colin being imbued with immense axe throwing abilities. Colin went on to use his axeeptional skills to axe out the Nazi threat. Unfortunately, in his final battle with the spy who blew up the lab, Colin fell into the freezing waters of the Arctic. An exploratory group called the Rockaxe City Throwing Club discovered Colin and thawed him out. With the Nazi threat eliminated, Colin retired to the calm life of teaching people to throw axes - so if the Nazi threat returns, they’ll be ready. Colin also has an adorable son named Liam.


Shift Leader

The very true story about Emmy Shortaxe

Many many years ago as the age of Gods was coming to an end, Zeus knew that eventually Chaos would reign again. So he molded together some clay and made a small but powerful warrior. With his final breath he said I shall name you Shortaxe and used his final breath to breathe life into Shortaxe. Shortaxe was then raised on a small hidden island named Axelandia. Here she trained night and day to become an amazing axe thrower that would one day take on Chaos in an epic battle. One morning she noticed a small tomahawk on the beach and picked it up and shouted “This is the Call of Chaos.” This is what she had trained for her whole life. She took off for a foreign and majestic land called Huntsville. It is in Huntsville that Shortaxe works undercover as a beloved Axepert where she trains the amazing people who come to Rockaxe City Throwing Club - so when Chaos shows his face, they’ll be ready.


League Coordinator

In 2017, Dan Kelly was a member of a crack axe throwing unit called the Five Meyer Flyers. They were sent to prison by an axe throwing court for a crime they didn't commit. Dan promptly escaped from a maximum security Axe prison to the Huntsville underground. Today, still wanted by the government he survives as an axepert of renowned skill. If you have a problem throwing an axe and if you are at Rockaxe City Throwing Club...maybe you can hire The Dan Kelly.




Sales Account Executive






Want to become a bad-axe Lumberjill, Lumberjack, or Axepert? Please download our application, fill it out, and bring it in OR you can email it to us with your resume here: jobs@rockaxecity.com We'd love to meet you!